Service Fees

Select a service below to help you remain or Enter Canada Now.


File review services provide you with a detailed report within 3-7 business days of receiving your complete documents.


GCMS request can take between 3-6 weeks. Timeline not within our control.


All fees listed are exclusive of HST.
Fees are subject to change without notice.

Business Immigration Consultation

Want to start a business in Canada or invest in a business in Canada? Book this consultation and complete the assessment in the Client Hub

$800 CAD

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Application File Review

Want to apply for a study permit or work permit by yourself but need professional review of your supporting documents and forms?
$1000 CAD

Express Entry Profile Review

Need help with your Express Entry Profile? Or advise on how to improve your points?
$300 CAD

Post Graduate Work Permit Application

Are you about to graduate from a Canadian DLI? You want to stay back and work in Canada?
$1,200 CAD

Letter of Explanation/ Study Plan

You need a strong Study Plan/Letter of Explanation to convince the Visa Officer of your intentions.
$250 CAD

NOC Code Assistance

It is important to have the right NOC code. Getting this mixed up can lead to a refusal of your PR application.
$120 CAD

GCMS Notes Request & Review

We will apply for your GCMS Notes and also review it with you to help you understand what might have gone wrong.
$200 CAD

Emergency Consultation

Want to book a consultation within 2 days or same day?
$300 CAD

Review of Rejected Applications

You want to reapply by yourself? But need a professional review to guide you?
You will receive a report in 7 business days after receiving complete documents.
$1000 CAD

Application After Refusal

Did your application get rejected? We can assist with putting in a strong application. This includes GCMS notes.
$2,700 CAD

Restoration of Status

Have you overstayed on your visa? Need help restoring your status?
$1000 CAD

Study Permit or Work Permit Extension

Is your Study Permit or Work Permit about to expire? Need help with an extension?
$700 CAD